Friday, September 04, 2015
2009 Mountain States Fly-In Minimize
... Also the 2009 Contact! Magazine Alternative Engine Roundup!  This was Saturday, March 28, 2009. Awesome good time and lots of exceptional airplanes and auto engine conversions.  I had a great time making new friendships and renewing old ones!

The following photos are mostly of my trip to Jean, NV (from Mid Valley (E98)) - basically a shot due west from west central New Mexico to the southern tip of Nevada. I didn't get started until early morning on Saturday (3/28/2009) due to a nasty storm that came thru on Friday.  There is LOTS of fantastic country to see.  Sorry about the few fuzzy photos - must be something wrong with my camera.  The photos are of the mesa's of west central New Mexico, me sitting in Holbrook, NV (getting fuel), Meteor Crater (near Winslow AZ), Flagstaff, north looking towards the Grand Canyon, and south east Nevada (over the Colorado river).

The panel photo at the bottom was taken on the way home - kinda hard to see. It shows 4100 rpm, 128 mph IAS, 158 mph GPS, 10,500 MSL (9500 MSL on the GPS - I think my altimeter is goofy and a new one is on order), 200 degree coolant temp, 10 psi coolant temp, 190 degree oil temp, and 75 psi oil pressure. When taken, I was right at the Arizon/New Mexico border (the yellow-ish line just under the plane on the GPS display).  True airspeed would have been about 150 mph at this point.

Trip Details:

Route Flown: E98 - P14 - 0L7 (Mid Valley Air Park - Holbrook, AZ - Jean, NV), the opposite for return. reports this as a one way distance of 490 sm.

I haven't filled up with fuel since arriving home so fuel numbers are based on all but the last leg (1.3 hrs).

To flight time: 4.1 hrs (644.2 - 640.1)
Fuel Used: 21.7 Gals
Fuel Burn: 5.3 gph
Flew low to minimize head wind. Entire trip at or below 8,500 MSL (which is scraping the ground for the entire flight).

Return flight time: 3.3 hrs (647.5 - 644.2)
0L7 - P14 leg (2.0 hours - 10.6 gals)
Fuel Burn: 5.3 gph
Flew higher to catch tail wind. Entire trip at 9,500 or 10,500 MSL. Didn't go higher as I was freezing!!

Flew entire trip with mixture set to about stoichiometric (hence the 5.3 gph burn rate). I typically fly LOP/LOS (lean of Stoich) but decided to try this based on recent discussions. I don't like burning an extra .8 ($2.75) an hour so doubt that I'll do that again. Come to think of it, I wasted an extra $20.35!! Great another IRA down to zero....

So, total trip was 980 miles, consumed about 40 gallons of fuel, averaged 119mph on the way out, 148 mph on the return. By the way, I departed with tanks full of auto fuel (the non-contaminated type) and filled with 100LL at each stop.
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