Monday, August 31, 2015
Quickie - Q2 - Q200 Plans and Addendums Minimize

The TIFF images are multi-page. Each page is the full 11x17 size. You can view the images on your computer and/or print all or individual pages. The photos aren't the best quality but are better than nothing.

If using Windows 2000/TIFF, the images are viewable using the "Imaging for Windows" tool (Start - Programs - Accessories - Imaging). To view pages you must use the Imaging toolbar (next/previous page buttons) OR use the Page - Next/Previous menu options. If you are using some other OS, I can't help you determine what software to use to view the files.

This is everything that I have. Asking me for something additional won't help. However; if you have something that I don't, please send it to me and I'll post it.

Quickie Plans - 5.5Mb PDF

Quickie Parts List - 5Mb MS-Excel Spreadsheet

Super Quickie Conversion Plans - .5Mb PDF - Jinx and Brock

Q2 Plans - 7.3Mb PDF

Q200 Plans Section II - 4Mb PDF

Q2 LS1 Canard Templates - 3.3Mb ZIP

Q2 Belly Board - .3Mb PDF

Q2 Front Hinged Canopy - .2Mb PDF

Q2 Hydraulic Brakes - 1Mb PDF

Q2 Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) - 2.2Mb PDF

Q2 Reflexor - .4Mb PDF

Q200 LS1 Construction - 2.5 Mb ZIP - Thanks Mike Perry!

Q2 Pilot Manual - .6 Mb ZIP - Thanks Mike Perry!

Q200 Pilot Operating Handbook Supplement - .4Mb ZIP - Thanks Mike Perry!


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