Friday, August 28, 2015
Q2 Plans Changes Minimize

There are several areas of the Q2 plans with which I strongly disagree. Some of these items are outlined below and a solution provided.

Oillite Brass Bushings
Problem: The plans call for brass/oillite bushings on flight controls. Oillite bushings are not intended for this operational mode (very slow and small movements).

Solution: I believe a better bushing material is Rulon. All of my bushings have been replaced with Rulon and are holding up just fine.

Fuel Tank Ports
Problem: The plans call for all fuel tank fittings to be made of aluminum tubing that has been roughed up and glassed into the tank wall. I have found this approach to result in weak fittings that often leak. Worse; the aluminum tubing can easily be broken off resulting in a major repair if not an in-flight emergency.

Solution: I believe the proper approach for fuel tank ports is to glass an aluminum insert into the tank wall that has been threaded with the appropriate size pipe thread. This results in a very strong and leak proof solution. Additionally, it is easy to change the fittings as well as the size of the fittings.

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