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July 19, 2009

Recently I tufted the fillets on my Q2 and my wife take some in-flight photographs and video from a friends airplane. The news was bad. My canard fillets were absolutely horrible and the airflow was not doing anything right.  So, some fixing was in order. In-flight tuft testing video is here.

I started with the following.  I should have taken more photos as it is hard to see how bad this really was.  The side is completely flat, the bottom was VERY rough and had to be producing horrible air flow.


... and finished with this (sorta):


I shortened the elevators be about 1.5" to make room for a reasonably proper fillet. Using expanding foam (X-30), I built up the area that I wanted to shape then glassed and filled. Final filling and paint is not complete as I just had to get back to flying!!

Whilst I was at it, I also added a "bump" to the bottom cowl to provide better flow onto the canard root.  I still have some work to do there though.

Canard Fillets
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