Friday, September 04, 2015
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Starter is from a 1991 Dodge Colt with a manual transmission. The ring gear/flywheel is from a 1991 Toyota Camry with a V6 and automatic transmission. It has a 12" outside diameter and the proper tooth pattern/size to work with the Dodge Colt starter.

All mounting materials brackets/spacers are made from 6061 T6 aluminum.

March 09, 2009

Long story short, a backfire from extended cold weather start cranking caused the left side starter bracket to break. This braket is the portion that is part of the bell housing that I trimmed off (and trimmed too much material causing a weak point). To fix, I built a new aluminium bracket that bolts to the little breather cover. With very limited testing/run time, this solution seems to be much better than my previous approach.



January 1, 2009

I've broken the nose off a couple starters now. This occurs when the engine kicks back during a cold start. Apparently, grinding away some of the starter nose weakens it enough to allow it to crack completely off. I should find an alternative starter that fits without modification but it hasn't been high on the priority list yet.

February 9, 2002

The starter is basically mounted now. Since it is cantilevered out a ways, I plan to tie the aft portion of the starter to the engine case somehow. My thinking is that doing so will eliminate vibration stresses to the starter mounts. All bolts will be replaced and safety wired.





February 8, 2002

Starter that was purchased used at a wrecking yard has been cleaned/painted.


The following photo shows the approximate mounting position and early mounting plan.


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