Thursday, August 27, 2015
Motor Mount
This mount is made from 1/8" 4130 steel. It attaches to each side of the engine using one head bolt at the top and two head bolts at the bottom. The rubber vibration isolaters are for a Continental O-200. Lots of finish work remains, hardware store bolts will be replace with AN hardware before flying.

February 2, 2002

Mount has been TIG welded. Vibration isolators have also been TIG welded into place.


The mount holds the engine at 1 degree down and 1 degree right which is as per the O-200 plans for this airplane. I found that my EA-81 installation was very sensative to power changes when mounted at zero-zero and decided to follow the O-200 recommendation for this engine.


Note that all of the tranmission bellhousing has been removed to save weight. The top two bolt holes have been retained for mounting of the starter.


January 20, 2002



The tabs at the top and bottom will have a large hole drilled and the following mounts welded in place to hold the vibration isolating rubbers (Continental). These mounts will be welded to both the vertical and horizontal elements of the mount to increase strength and rigidity.

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