Sunday, August 30, 2015
Cowling Minimize
May 16, 2009

I finally decided that it was time to improve the cowling. I couldn't quite get motivated to build an entirely new cowl so the goal was to pull the bottom of the existing cowl up reducing drag and hopefully add some lightness. Click here for image gallery of the work.

September 29, 2007
I've finally started on the next exhaust system required for a new cowling. Hopefully I'll have a sleak, drag free new cowling before too long...

May 16, 2003

The cowling will initially be the same cowling as was used with the EA-81 Turbo with modifications. The eventual goal is to build a lightweight carbon cowling as the current cowl is very heavy due to being cut-up and modified so many times. It is also larger than required, especially the bottom. A very sleek cowl could now be built. Now, where did all that spare time go....

Modifications complete. Not going to worry about finish or paint at this time.


May 10, 2003

Modifications taking shape. As you can see, the thrust line is somewhat lower than the Revmaster or O-200. I have incorporated a small cooling air inlet to help with this transition as well as allow hot air to escape after shutdown. The lower portion of the cowling is much larger than necessary.



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