Sunday, October 04, 2015
Alternator Minimize
April 16, 2010

Used alternator is still working normally. I have noticed some bearing noises coming from it. Probably about time to trade it for a new/used unit.

May 25, 2008

It is somewhat ironic to me that I purchased the alternator listed below at a junkyard many years ago for some miniscule amount of money and it is still running just great. I don't get that kind of service from many "good deals" so just had to mention my happiness at this one!

December 8, 2003

There have been a couple requests for photos of my alternator. Your wish....

It is from a 1988 Chevy Sprint and produces 45 amps (Nippondenso model #31400-83010).



May 4, 2002

The outboard alternator mount has been welded to the motor mount.




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