Tuesday, September 01, 2015
EA-81 Direct-Drive Turbo

Here is a link to an article I wrote on converting my EA-81 back in 2001.


I am no longer flying behind the EA-81 direct-drive turbocharged engine. However; when I was, it included:

  • 1984 1.8 liter EA-81 engine
  • EA-82 water cooled turbo with carbon seal
  • Automatic wastegate actuator (7.5psi)
  • Aero-Carb 32mm carburetor
  • 5/8" 4130 tubing motor mount
  • Nippondenso 45 amp alternator
  • Dual electronic ignition (single plugs/MSD coil joiner/GM coils & control modules)
  • Valeo starter
  • Aluminum prop hub
  • Aluminum flywheel w/ring gear
  • Mild steel intake manifold
  • Mild steel exhaust system
  • Turbo boost gauge
  • Carb heat box
  • Air filter box
  • Coolant swirl pot w/pressure cap

Cruise was between 3300-3500rpm and burned approximately 4-5gph. Without using any boost the aircraft performed similarly to the 70HP Revmaster that was previously installed so I approximate the output at 65-75hp. With boost the aircraft performed better than previously so I approximate the output at 80-90hp. Total weight of all included components is approximately 206 pounds.


Performance with this engine was:
  • Cruise: 140mph
  • Climb: 1000 ft/min
  • Stall: 80mph
  • Touchdown Speed: 85mph
Turbocharger Calculation Spreadsheet


The following images were drawn by an engineer who used an EA-81DDT on his airplane. The prop hub & flywheel that I built were based on these drawings and were very similar. I believe the only change was to the flywheel diameter so it would match the ring gear that I selected.

EA-81 DDT Flywheel
EA-81 DDT Prop Hub
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