Monday, August 31, 2015
Q2 Aircraft


The Q2 is an Experimental Aircraft design from the late 70's.  It is an all composite (foam and fiberglass) aircraft.  Mine is powered by a normally aspirated, direct-drive Subaru EJ-22 (1990 Legacy) engine.  I have 710 total hours on this aircraft. Many folks have heard horror stories about these airplanes being impossible to handle on the ground.  That information was nearly correct years ago. We now know how important the alignment of the main gear is.  Once wheel alignment is correct, the plane is very controllable on the ground and certainly not any harder to handle than a host of other taildraggers.


Why a Q2?  No fancy answer to this.  I fell in love with the Quickie long, long ago and had to have one.  I did so and loved it.  When a Q2 dropped into my lap, how could I turn it down.  The Q2 is NOT a lot of things that some folks try to make it into (i.e. short field/rough field airplane, trainer, 152 replacement, aerobatic, etc...). However; it is a really efficient and fun airplane. "Fun" is kinda hard to explain, maybe the best I can do is to compare it to driving a sports car compared to a massive Lincoln Towncar. It is not a race car or anything like that but it is a whole lot more "fun" to zip around in than that Towncar. 

Q2 on Ramp E98, July 2009

The picture says it ALL!!


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